GOAT RAISERS, LISTEN! An Effective Locally-Made Dewormer Is Here!

Goat farmers can now have a locally made dewormer that is effective.

A dewormer made from extracts of Makahiya (Mimosa pudica), caimito and Makabuhay (Tinosphora rumphii) has been developed for goats, packaged into 500 mg capsules by Dr. Tomas J. Fernandez of the Visayas State University in Baybay City, Leyte.

The dewormer can control Haemonchus contortus, the most harmful parasite in goats that attaches itself to the goatโ€™s stomach and feeds on its blood, thereby causing anemia and ultimately death of the animal if left untreated.

The MCM (Makahiya-Caimito-Makabuhay) dewormer was proven effective as it contains anthraquinones and flavonoids which kill adult stages of the parasite; alkaloid, which purges the dead worms through the feces; and tannin which heals traumatic lesions inside the goatโ€™s stomach.

The dewormer has been proven to have no side effects and can thus be given to pregnant does and rid them of parasites before they give birth. Since it is all natural, it does not contribute to anthelmintic resistance, a problem plaguing the industry caused by the overuse of chemical drenches in the past, particularly albendazole.

NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT -To ensure that the newborn survives, a coco-water drench was formulated by Dr. Lolito C. Bestil, also of VSU. This nutritional supplement is a high glucose drink that contains coconut water, dextrose powder, liquid seaweed, and vitamin-mineral premix. It has the ability to alleviate hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) in newborn kids and enables faster weight gain in the first 30 days of the kids. This supplement is intended for orphaned kids, those born to underfed does during late pregnancy and those whose dams have mastitis and other metabolic disorders during early lactation. PCAARRD)

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  1. Hello. I am an avid fan. May I ask if I can order seedlings and if they can be delivered in Pangasinan through LBC?
    Thank you

    1. Thanks for your interest in our seedlings. However, we are sorry we don’t ship our plants. Best is visit Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal so you yourself will select what you like. Regards. Zac B. Sarian

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