GOMER CASTILLANO – Rags-to-Riches Corn Farmer From Lanao Sur

Gomer Castillano and his truck for hauling corn.
Gomer Castillano and his wife Jesusa with their harvest.

Gomer Castillano of Brgy. Milaya, Wao, Lanao del Sur, grew rich from corn. Starting to plant hybrid corn on just one hectare that he rented in 1991, he now owns 66 hectares that he plants mostly to Bioseed Healer 101, a genetically engineered hybrid corn that produces high yield. 

Aside from his 66 hectares, he is also planting 34 hectares that are either mortgaged to him or rented by him. Here, he is shown with one of his trucks which he uses for hauling his harvests. 

He is also shown in the other photo with his wife Jesusa. Behind them are their harvest of Healer 101 on-the-cob and placed in sacks before shelling.

On the average, Castillano gets 6.4 tons of dried grains per hectare which currently sell at P12.30 per kilo. That gives him a net income of about P40,000 per hectare. 

Castillano only reached Grade 6 but he is a smart businessman when it comes to growing corn. His wife who helps him in accounting reached second year in college.
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