Grafted Longkong Sprayed With Power Grower Combo

Note the broad young leaves, thanks to Puyat’s
Power Grower Combo.
These are grafted Longkong lanzones at the Teresa Orchard & Nursery in Teresa, Rizal that were sprayed with the Power Grower Combo formulated by Alfonso G. Puyat, an economist and agricultural researcher-inventor. Note the big new leaves that emerged soon after they were sprayed with Mr. Puyat’s formulation.

The Power Grower Combo consists of powdered single fertilizer nutrients applied in combination with Puyat’s own improved ANAA, a plant growth regulator.
Power Grower Combo facilitates the rapid uptake of plant nutrients in the soil. It is recommended therefore that adequate organic and non-organic fertilizers be applied within the root zone of the plants.
Mr. Puyat has another formulation for profuse fruit production. This is applied on fruiting trees that were earlier sprayed with Power Grower Combo. Called Heavy Weight Harvest, it facilitates the transport of the “cooked” plant food in the leaves to the flowers and developing fruits.
Mr. Puyat’s formulations are effective on rice, corn, vegetables, fruit trees and practically every crop.
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