Grafted Papaya In Taiwan

Yu Cai, a technical staff of a seed company in Thailand, informed us that in Taiwan they are grafting papayas. This is something new to us because we only knew that in the past many years they were only grafting vegetables and other high-value crops like tomato, eggplant, melons and other cucurbits.

They graft unto any papaya rootstock scions from a hermaphrodite plant which they simply call “herma.” The objective is to produce herma fruits which are oblong. They don’t want the round fruits of the truly female papaya. Why?

Because they claim that the herma fruits taste better and are preferred by consumers. Moreover, herma fruits are easier to arrange in a crate for shipment.

In producing scions for grafting, they take young seedlings that are confirmed hermaphrodite. When they are about two feet tall, they nip the growing point of the plant so it will produce several new shoots which they graft unto the ย rootstock.

By the way, we met Yu cai at the International Field Day at the Simon Groot Research Center in Sansai, Chiang Mai, Thailand on Feb. 4, 2013. Stakeholders in the global papaya industry from 25 countries attended the field day. Of course, the field day also showcased many other commercial high-value vegetables and other crops.

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