GRAFTED RIMAS: Very Fast Growing, Robust

GRAFTED RIMAS: Very Fast Growing, Robust
A well-nourished grafted rimas at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal.

THIS grafted rimas (bread fruit) was obtained in Ilocos Norte in early March 2015. It had three small leaves when it was acquired and with a small rootstock of kamansi.

Now it is very vigorous with big shiny leaves. The reason? It was fertilized with pelletized Durabloom Fertilizer and sprayed with Power Grower Combo, a plant growth accelerator formulated by Alfonso G. Puyat. It is also drip-irrigated. The picture was taken on January 18, 2016. From this day on, the plant is expected to grow much faster since it is now well-established. In two more years, it should start bearing fruit, based on the experience in Ilocos Norte.

Breadfruit is seedless so it cannot be propagated by seed. One technique is to graft the scion on a rootstock of kamansi.

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