GREEN PAPAYA: It’s Profitable, Too!

Green papaya fruits are not as delicate to transport as the ripe ones. They are not yet affected by fruitfly when they are picked.

Farmers have their own unique strategies. Just lke Johnny Gatus, a former OFW who was renting a couple of hectares in San Rafael, Bulacan. In one portion of the farm, he planted a thousand papaya trees as his flagship crop at the time of our visit about four years ago.

At that time his papaya trees were about a year old and were heavily fruiting. We didn’t see any ripe papayas, however, because he did not wait for them to ripen. He sold his fruits as green papaya. A trader picks up about 200 fruits every other day that is worth about P2,000. Green fruits are a favorite for cooking Tinola. They  are also made into pickles that go with Litson Manok.

Johnny was very happy about his strategy of selling green papaya instead of ripe. For one, green fruits are not as delicate to transport as ripe ones. Also, green papayas are not yet infested with fruitfly by the time they are picked. The earlier the fruits are harvested, the more fruits are also produced by the papaya trees.

Anyway, if you can find a regular buyer of your own green papaya, why don’t you try it? You might also find selling green papayas  advantageous.

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