Greenhouses For Rent To Urban Gardeners

View of the greenhouses for rent within the sprawling compound of Known-You Seed. The rent is NT$5,000 per year or about P8,600 in Philippine money. Each has an area of 33 square meters.

This one is planted to leafy crops for salad and tomatoes.

Known-You Seed Company of Kaohsiung,Taiwan has a practical way of encouraging city folks to go into urban gardening by providing the facilities at an affordable fee.

The company has built 50 greenhouses, each with an area of 33 square meters that are available for rent at NT$5,000 per year. Thatโ€™s about P8,600 in Philippine money. The structures are provided and water is free. But the renter has to pay for the nets and enclosures that they want.

The greenhouses have been there since 2015 and all are occupied. In fact, there is a waiting list of 10 people who are ready to take over in case one does not want to continue gardening for one reason or another.

Most of the renters are adults, many of them retirees. And the majority of them are women who love to grow their favorite plants for their own consumption or for sale if they so desire. Many of the renters, however, are more interested in the joy of doing something meaningful like being closer to Mother Nature. During weekends, many of them bring with them their children and grandchildren so they will also develop love for producing their own food.

This one is planted to vine veggies, sweet corn and salad greens.

The renters are growing a wide variety of crops. One is specializing in leafy cash crops like romaine lettuce, cauliflower, cabbage, pechay and the like. Others go for a variety of crops that include vine vegetables like patola, pumpkin, patani, cucumber and more. There are also those who are growing sweet corn.

What is great about the greenhouses for rent is that it is situated within the compound of the seed company, just behind the companyโ€™s store of various gardening needs. Everything that the gardeners require in their gardening, from seeds to seedlings, garden tools and equipment, fertilizers and a lot more are all available there.

Seedlings, seeds, fertilizers and practically every gardening need is available at the Known-You store.


The renter apparently loves sweet corn.

Maybe, somebody from the Philippines should put up something like this in the suburbs of Metro Manila.

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