GREG’S DRIP IRRIGATION: Saving A Fortune For A Dragon Fruit Farm In Angeles City

On Tuesday, May 22, 2018, we visited the 22-hectare dragon fruit farm in Angeles City together with Greg de los Trinos who supplied the drip irrigation system.

Crisper Garcia, an engineer who is managing Dragonfruit Philippines, Inc. (DPI), was really upbeat in telling us that Greg’s drip system which was installed in January 2018, has been saving a fortune for the farm. He explained that before the drip system was installed, the company was paying a fortune to the 57 farm workers who were assigned to water the 40,000 dragon fruit posts.


Greg de los Trinos (left) and Crisper Garcia posing with a drip line at DPI Farm.


Crisper Garcia beside dragon fruit as far as the eye can see.

Each farm worker who was paid P350 daily could only water 700 posts in one day. So each day of watering cost the company about P20,000. If watering was done every two days, that meant P300,000 in one month that was paid to the workers doing the watering.

The coming of Greg, according to Garcia, was really a blessing. Total cost of the drip system was about half a million pesos. That’s less than the amount in two months that was paid to the workers who did the manual watering. On top of that, the drip system is expected to continue working for the next five years without significant expenses.


Greg explaining his drip irrigation at the Agri-Kapihan.

Greg is very thankful to the Bureau of Agricultural Research of the Department of Agriculture which gave him a P500,000 grant to improve his production of drip hoses and attachments. He can be contacted at 0920-522-3761.



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  1. I’m planning to plant a 1000 post of dragon fruit. Magkano po ang magagastos ko pakabit ng water drip irrigation sa dragon fruits na itatanim ko?

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