Grow coco seedlings bigger before planting in the field!

These big seedlings of dwarf coconut will have a much better survival than the small ones.
Small coconut seedlings may have a lower percentage of survival if planted in the field right away.

IF YOU ARE one of the buyers of seedlings of dwarf coconut with sweet water, the advice is not to plant them in the field right away.

GROW THEM BIGGER   Grow them first into large planting materials in your own nursery. Put them in partial shade and make sure the soil does not get too dry. Fertilize them but moderately.

BETTER SURVIVAL – In one or two years, your seedlings will have grown tall and if you  transplant them in the field they will have a much better chance of survival and will bear fruit in three years from transplanting.

ONE MONEY-MAKING IDEA – Maybe you can buy a thousand seedlings which you can grow into large planting materials. After two years, you can sell at double or triple the price. Not a bad idea.

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