Grow Compatible Crops Together

Grow Compatible Crops Together
Dorie S. Bernabe, Philippine Horticultural Society president, with fruiting cucumber planted together with sweet corn.

If you are a hobbyist and you are planting in your backyard garden or in an adjacent vacant lot, you can maximize the production from the limited space by growing two compatible crops together.

We saw a very good example at the demo farm of East-West Seed Company during a field day marking the companyโ€™s 30thanniversary. They planted a patch of sweet corn and planted in the same plot their mini cucumber called Pipinito.
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Well, as you can see in the picture, the corn plants are vigorous and fruiting and so are the cucumber plants. There may be other compatible crops to grow together. One we can think of right now is planting peanuts in between the hills of sweet corn.

Of course, the sweet corn should not be planted too close to each other to provide ample space for the other crop. One seed should be planted per hill.
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