Grow something different! Grow the native Kuhol!

MAYBE YOU are  a hobbyist. Maybe you want to grow something different that is enjoyable and financially rewarding. Yes? So why not grow snails for escargot. Escargot is something you will pay a fortune for if you dine in an upscale restaurant or in a hotel that serves novelty dishes.

ADOBONG KUHOL – Well, the idea of getting into the growing of snails for food for connoisseurs as well as for ordinary consumers like you and me came to mind when we saw the post of an Ilocano homemaker who prepared her “adobong bisukol” (that’s kuhol) extracted from its shell.

START WITH NATIVE – No, let us not grow the imported varieties yet. Let start us with the native kuhol. The first step is to look for the native variety for propagation. We remember a Makati businessman who converted a small swimming pool for kids to grow native kuhol. He placed a layer of clean soil at the bottom and then introduced water hyacinth, viny kangkong and other water plants. In addition to kuhol, he also introduced hito of different sizes for home consumption. He claimed he was successful. In fact, he brought kuhol cooked in coconut milk at the Agri-Kapihan in Quezon City many years back.

SELL STOCKS – Later, when the snails shall have multiplied and you find them fun to grow, you can expand your venture into a mini project that will grow and grow. We remember reading in a plant nursery magazine about an expat in Korea who grew snails commercially in concrete tanks about 1.5 meters wide and 20 meters long.

KUHOL KING – We are not sure if you could produce enough stocks for cooking during the first few years of operation. But you can still make some money in the meantime. You can sell to other hobbyists or entrepreneurs some stocks for starting their own projects. Anyway, start one now. Make your own research in the Internet and elsewhere. Who knows someday you might become the Kuhol King of the Philippines.


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