Grow Something For The Rich (Agri Tip No. 13)

(This is another strategy for those who are aspiring to make money from their farming. Keep on logging to this blog for more doable tips.)


If you are farming for money, aim at the big spenders. Grow something for the rich, the famous and the powerful. Find out what the affluent people need and produce them. It can be much easier to sell something special and expensive to people who have the money.

And what are the things rich people need? They usually need high-value products of the highest quality. These are the usually hard-to-find ones that they could use for themselves or for giving to friends or special clients who are also rich and powerful.

Examples are first class mangoes like the big and luscious carabao mango. Or the Golden Queen mango that is big and very nice to eat both as green or ripe fruit. Or the Arancillo durian and other top quality varieties. Specialty vegetables like French beans, organic lettuce and many others.

Other rich people are also looking for special farm animals and fish. Examples are purebred Boer goats and other exotic breeds, free-range chickens, turkey, wild pigs, native pigs, Arowana (high-priced aquarium fish), mini horses and many more.

If they are into ornamental plants, they might be looking for first class bonsai, mutant or variegated plants, new orchid varieties, exotic bamboos like black bamboo, and many more.

Try to figure out who are the rich, famous and powerful (even the notorious) within your territory. They could be politicians, business tycoons, highly paid professionals like doctors, lawyers, CPAs, architects, job placement operators, etc. Find out their favorite hobbies, the food they eat, their likes and dislikes. Based on your findings, produce something for them. then when you have produced what you think will interest your rich targets, find a way to reach them.

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