Growing Fruit Trees in Containers

If you don’t want to plant fruit trees in the ground because you are just renting the land or the house where you are staying, you can grow fruit trees in containers. That’s what we have been doing in our farm in Teresa, Rizal. There are a number of advantages in this system. First, you can transfer the position of the trees in container whenever necessary. You can take them with you when you transfer residence. Or you can sell the same if somebody is interested in buying them. You can’t do that if the tree is planted in the ground, especially if it is already big.

Trees in containers are easy to manage. For instance, if you want to stress the tree prior to flowering, it would be easy to do so. You can withhold watering.
This practice is ideal for use in a property that is temporarily unutilized. For instance, there is a private school owner in Bulacan who is using part of the school campus for growing her favorite fruit trees in containers. She said that it will take many years before new buildings could be constructed there.  
There are many varieties that you can grow in containers. These include pummelos, calamansi, lemons and other citrus species. Others include chico, makopa, sweet tamarind, mango, Abiu, balimbing, pomegranate, rambutan, and others.

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