Guide To Improved Harvesting & Preparing Tahong For The Market

Current system of harvesting and postharvest handling of tahong for the market needs improvement. The new information bulletin from PCAARRD tells how.

A new Information Bulletin from PCAARRD aims to guide green mussel (tahong) farmers on the proper and step-by-step harvesting, postharvest handling, and depuration processing of tahong. This will help eliminate bacterial contamination in the mussel.

It is observed that the quality of mussels sold in the markets is affected by the current handling practices. For instance, farmers transport mussels in sacks that are exposed to the heat of the sun. The practice increases bacterial load in mussel meat which can endanger the health of consumers.ย 

The publication is titled โ€œManual on Good Manufacturing Practice for Mussel Depuration.โ€

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