Hang Your Melons!

An ingenious way to keep the melon fruits above ground.
An ingenious way to keep the melon fruits above ground.

IF YOU are growing honeydew or other melons in the open field, allowing the vines to crawl on the ground, it is possible that the fruits that are just allowed to mature on the ground will not have uniform skin color. The portion that touches the ground will have light colored skin. That is sometimes not acceptable to picky customers. That is the reason why melons grown in the greenhouse are provided with trellis to grow on so that their fruits will be above the ground, resulting in fruits with uniform skin color.

In Vietnam some ingenious farmers who grow melons in the open field install bamboo poles vertically, about 1.5 feet above the ground. That’s where they attach the fruiting vines so that their fruits will not be touching the ground.That way, the fruits will be better looking because they have uniform skin coloration. The photo here is from the file of Julius Barcelona of Known You Philippines.

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