Happy Organic Farmer in Guimaras

Happy Organic Farmer in Guimaras
Happy Organic Farmer in Guimaras
Rose Grieser is all smiles as she poses with her organic cucumber in their farm in Buenavista, Guimaras Island. She and her husband Erwin operate an 8-hectare organic farm planted to mangoes and vegetables.

The couple used to work for a Five-Star hotel in Manila before they gave up their jobs to become organic farmers. Rose is from Bulacan while Erwin came from Belgium.

Cucumber is one of their money-makers. They harvest about 200 kilos every week which they sell to a buyer in Iloilo. Rose also processes pickles, juices and fruit preserves.

Their farm has also become a training center for organic agriculture. They hold seminars on crop farming as well as livestock and vermiculture.

Take a look at the picture. The plants are planted in black plastic filled with organic planting medium instead of being planted in the ground. That’s a practical technique if the soil is compacted.

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