Producing the right size preferred by customers is a good strategy.


Yummy crispy hito.

W3E REMEMBER Efren Sotto who used to attend the Agri-Kapihan in the 1990s. He had his own strategy in pursuing his farm projects. He goes for quality rather than quantity. He had his own good reasons for that.

Just like in his hito or catfish project  in Laguna which he put up as a sideline while working in a big company in Makati. His hito project was very small compared to other growers..

SMALL IS MANAGEABLE –Sotto only stocked his pond with 1,000 fingerlings at a time unlike many other hito farmers who stocked hundreds of thousands in their ponds.

STUDIED THE MARKET  A small hito project, Efren said, is very manageable. He had studied the market and sold only the size that commanded a price of P20 per kilo more than the next hito producer. The additional P20 per kilo  made a big difference.

LESSON – The bright lesson to be learned here is that you should observe what your customers want. Then produce the size and quality that will suit their needs. Then you will have better income.

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