WOW! He Grossed P100,000 Every Day For 100 Days From Django!

Fruitful finger pepper from East-West Seed. Photo by Zac B. Sarian at the Chiang Mai E-W research station, February 2013.

Would you believe that a farmer grossed  P100,000 from Django finger pepper every day for at least 100 days in 2004? You don’t? Well, you can always verify  that from Benito S. Magaling from Brgy Pusil, Lipa City. He is the fellow who achieved that amazing feat.

IT PAYS TO READ -He happened to read the story that we wrote about the very prolific Django finger pepper developed by East-West Seed Company. He gave up his livestock and poultry projects a few years before that and shifted to producing Django pepper, a ‘pangsigang’ variety.

VERY PROUD TO TELL HIS STORY -When we interviewed him, he was so proud in telling us that the two hectares that he planted in the month of June gave him a daily harvest of two tons of fruits from late August to early January the following year. Of course,  the early harvests were not that much and so with the waning days of the crop. He got an average of P50 per kilo which means he grossed P100,000 for at least 100 days every day from August to early January.

SMART HARVESTING SCHEME – He also had a smart way of harvesting two tons a day. He divided the two hectares into seven parcels, and harvested from each lot daily. To harvest two tons in less than a day, he hired 20 women pickers, each one just harvesting 100 kilos. In just half a day, the harvesting was over. The pickers were paid P170 each for the  job.

HIS BUYERS – Benito had a big buyer from Divisoria who got one ton each day. The other one ton was unloaded in the Tanauan market where he also had big viajeros as his buyers.

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