He intercroped his pomelo with calamansi for double income!

Fred Rivera kept his calamansi trees low-growing for convenient maintenance and harvesting.

ALFREDO RIVERA of Davao City is one agribusiness entrepreneur who developed his own marketing strategies by becoming a fruit trader before putting up his own farm. He grows several fruit crops like durian, banana, longkong and mangosteen. But what impressed us when we visited his farm in 1997 was intercropping his pomelo with calamansi so he could get a double income from one parcel.

TEN HECTARES – In 1993, Rivera started his own pomelo plantation in a 10-hectare raw land that he bought in Biao Valencia in Calinan in Davao City. He had planted 1,200 trees of the Magallanes variety. When we interviewed Fred in mid-1997, the trees were already productive. They were in their second fruiting and averaged 26 fruits per tree. As they grew older, their yield correspondingly increase.

CALAMANSI INTERCROP – Rivera had intercropped some 2,000 calamansi trees between the pomelos. They were starting to produce when we visited his farm. Certainly they contributed to his income from his farm. He kept the calamansi trees low to make management convenient and harvesting easy.

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