He Lost More Than A Million Pesos on Turkey

Let us just call him Cesar from Pampanga. When he visited our farm a few days back, he related to us a bitter experience in raising bronze-breasted turkeys.

A few years back, he was encouraged to raise turkey after reading the story of a raiser in Antipolo City. He said that it is very easy to multiply turkey. In just a year or thereabouts, he already had a flock of more than a thousand really big turkeys.

The trouble, he found it too late, is that there is no really big market for turkey in the Philippines as it is only served during special occasions. And the big problem, he added, is that turkeys have a voracious appetite. Cesar was spending a big sum feeding his turkeys. He confided he lost more than a million pesos in this project.

In order not to spend more for feeds and add more to his losses, he just gave away the big birds to politician friends who were running in the 2013 elections.

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