He Read My Story and Made Big Money

PAUL CRUZ is an enterprising guy who has a knack for spotting an opportunity. In 1995, we wrote about two enterprising guys in Malaysia who put up a nursery that specialized in growing full-grown Royal Palm for landscaping. We suggested that the same should be duplicated in the Philippines.
Paul picked up the idea and bought Royal Palm seedlings from a local nursery at P10 apiece. He grew them in between his mango trees in San Ildefonso, Bulacan.
One of his first clients was a golf course in Bulacan. He supplied the palm trees in exchange for a share in the golf course worth at least P500,000 at that time.
Today he is the main source of landscapers for their requirements of full-grown Royal Palms, ranging in price from as low as P3,000 to more than P10,000 each.
We met him for the first last February 17 when we visited Baler, Aurora as guest of Sen. Edgardo Angara. There, Paul profusely thanked us for the idea he got from our column in Panorama magazine. By his own estimate, he must have already sold more than P8 million worth of Royal Palms. He has in stock right now about 10,000 plants of different ages. He will be supplying the requirements of a new hotel being built by Sen. Angara in Baler.
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