He Would Rather Plant Guava Than Mango

We remember an agriculturist we interviewed many years ago. He used to grow fruit trees in Cebu but he has now relocated abroad. He had a point when he said that he would rather plant guavas than mango. Why?

For one, he said, guavas start bearing fruits in just eight months after planting. In addition, if the trees are adequately fertilized and irrigated, they bear fruit for 10 to 11 months within the year. Thus the farmer derives income from them virtually throughout the year whereas in mango, harvest is only once a year. Besides, mangoes usually become productive commercially seven or eight years after planting.

Guavas can be kept low-growing by constant pruning so harvesting is easier than in mango. Wrapping the fruits to protect them from fruitfly is also much easier.

Because our friend’s farm in Cebu was stony and had very thin topsoil, he did not apply chemical fertilizers. What he did was to dig a hole one meter deep and one meter wide for planting his seedlings. He filled this with a mixture of topsoil and chicken manure.

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