HEAR THIS! Kerwin Padua’s ideas of hiring farm workers

Kerwin Padua used to manage a rambutan farm in Laguna. He has now settled in New Zealand.

In our work as agriculture journalist, we encounter people with different ideas. Some are unique, practical and doable. When it comes to hiring farm workers, we remember the ideas of Kerwin Padua who used to manage the family’s orchard in Laguna.

He has since migrated to New Zealand but we can’t forget his ideas of hiring farm workers. He preferred hiring workers from Negros Island for a couple of good reasons. 

REASON NO.1 – Negros is quite far from Luzon. Because of that, the worker will not go home often. Also, workers in Negros are used to hard work because they worked as ‘sacada’ in the sugarcane plantation.

REASON NO.2 – He did not like hiring workers from around his farm. Why? Because the worker will find every small occasion for taking a day-off. Just like when there is a baptism or wedding in the neighborhood. Or a birthday party of a relative.