Here Is How To Time Your Calamansi Harvest For December When Prices Are High!

It is important to time the fruiting of your calamansi so you will get a high price for your harvest.

You are a calamansi grower. Yes, you are. Okay. And you want to time your harvest  during the Christmas season when prices are high, right? Sure. Here’s what you should do.

You should induce your calamansi trees to bear flowers four months before late November and December. That’s because the fruits would be ready for harvest four months from flowering.

Here’s what you should do. In late May trim your calamansi trees. Remove weak branches. Prune down too tall branches. By early June fertilize heavily. Mix one bag of complete (14-14-14) and one bag of urea. Mix thoroughly. If your trees are big, apply one kilo of the mixture per tree. Apply less amount to smaller trees. Before fertilizing, irrigate or water your trees thoroughly.

After the heavy fertilization, the trees will produce a new set of leaves and flowers soon after. You may also spray every 15 days Biofol, a biostimulant derived from seaweeds. This will help produce more fruits that are bigger and juicier. 

.Now, don’t just sit down and wait for your harvest. Observe your trees. If there are any insect or disease problems, attend to them. All right?

Zac B. Sarian in a calamansi market in Maranding, Lanao del Norte in 2015.
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