Heart-Shaped Watermelon, Anyone?


Omar Zaidan, fruits and vegetables consultant, has shared the item below with us.

ANECOOP, the leading Spanish watermelon operator, has started shipping about 2,000 kg of heart-shaped mini-watermelons to the UK market.




A British supermarket chain wanted a differentiated product for its premium customers. These heart-shaped watermelons are of the same variety as the BOUQUET mini-watermelon and their cultivation is done exclusively on request. At production, a completely natural process is used for the fruit to grow in this particular form.

BOUQUET seedless watermelons have made ANECOOP the leading Spanish operator of this fruit and a leader on the European market. ANECOOP sold in 2017 nearly 132,000 tonnes of watermelons and plans to market this year 150,000 tonnes, of which 80% will be seedless watermelons.


source: abc.es , valenciaplaza.com, ย More company information:ย Anecoop S. Coop.


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