HEAT STRESS ANALYZER IN PLANTS: New Invention By 3 Young Men From Davao

OUR FRIEND Pat Dugan has told us about three young men (sons of farmers) from Davao who have developed a computer program and facilities for measuring heat stress in plants, along with soil moisture, pH, relative humidity and luminosity.

Sensors placed in the field gather the data which can then be accessed remotely via computers, compared with parameters for optimum performance of the plants, and then all this information can be communicated to a farmer’s cellphone. They call this tool Heat Stress Analyzer.

The inventors have used the Analyzer in banana plantations and greenhouses. In the latter, they reprot that the tool can also trigger irrigation as needed, based on findings of the Analyzer.

Pat says he met the three shy young men recently at the suggestion of his daughter (Mrs. Diane Dugan Eustaquio) who is Executive Director of Idea Space, a foundation of the MVP Group of Companies. The foundation is providing support to help young innovators convert their ideas into commercial services and goods. These young men, their idea and their product were selected from among many hundreds of nationwide applicants seeking entry into the Idea Space program.

Inquiries can be emailed to diane@ideaspacefoundation.org, franchmaverick@gmail.com & jan.altivo@yahoo.com.ph.

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  1. Hi Zac, can I have the complete address of this young genius, coz maybe they can also try their invention in pineapple plantation and papaya.

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