Here’s How You Can Grow A Beautiful, Fruitful Finger Pepper

This is Panigang King from Allied.

Do you want to grow a beautiful and fruitful finger pepper like the picture above? Well, you have to plant a good variety like the Panigang King of Allied Botanical or the Django of East-West. Grow your plant in a loamy soil rich in organic matter. Add a handful of processed organic fertilizer like Durabloom per hill. So the plant will grow tall, provide a stake for support and remove the lower branches so that the fruiting crown will be way above the ground.Make sure to maintain enough moisture in the soil to avoid wilting and so the roots can take up nutrients in the soil.

You may also try spraying your plant with Power Grower Combo when ย it is 10 days old and then again when it is 20 days old. At 40 days old, spray Heavy Weight Tandem at the dosage recommended by the manufacturer on the label. Try doing the above and you will be rewarded with a plant as beautiful as the picture in this post.

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