Here’s how to germinate watermelon seeds!

Watermelon planting time is here again. If you are not an expert yet, here’s how to germinate the seeds right

HERE’S HOW – Soak the seeds in clean water for 30 minutes to one hour and wrap them in a wet cloth or towel. Place the cloth in an improvised or covered container which can keep the temperature within 25 to 30 degrees Celsius until the seeds sprout. 

AFTER ONE DAY – 24 to 30 hours is enough to germinate the seeds. Plant one pre-germinated seed in each hole of the seedling tray with 104 holes. Use a germinating medium that is clean or sterilized. There are such materials from seed companies or in plant stores. 

ROOTS FACE DOWNWARD – Make sure that the root is facing downward. Cover with moist soil and water the seeds once or twice a day. If damping off occurs, apply systemic fungicide for seedlings. Seedlings must be exposed to sunlight 6-8 hours daily.

There you are. These tips are from Known-You Seed Philippines which distributes seeds not only of watermelon but also many other high-value crops.


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