Here’s the fastest way to multiply Rimas or breadfruit!

Breadfruit grafted onto kamansi at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal.

RIMAS or breadfruit which does not have seeds are usually propagated in three ways. One is by marcotting the branches. Another is by severing a root the size of a finger or bigger that is growing sidewards. Soon, new sprout will come out from the severed root and that is recovered when it is about a foot tall. These are rather slow methods of multiplying the breadfruit.

GRAFTING ONTO KAMANSI – The fastest way is to produce seedlings of kamansi for use as rootstock for grafting breadfruit scion onto them. Kamansi is a relative of breadfruit that produces a lot of seeds which sprout readily. Its botanic name is Artocarp;us camansi.

At the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal, Wendell is an expert in grafting breadfruit scion onto kamansi rootstock.

Rimas with young fruit at the Sarian Farm.
The breadfruit is seedless. The fruit becomes light green when it is mature.
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