HEY! Fall Armyworm From The US Invades Local Corn Plantations!

Ordinary corn plants at left are significantly damaged by fall armyworm. On the other hand, photo at right is that of Dekalb hybrid practically damage-free.

Fall armyworm, a relatively new pest in the  Philippines that originated from the United States is becoming a problem, especially for farmers in northern Luzon. 

In a statement, Bayer Crop Science cited Art Cacal, a farmer and barangay captain who grows white waxy corn in Brgy. Duminit, Santiago City in Isabela, as a victim of fall armyworm. “Fall armyworm destroyed 100 percent of our harvest because the pest ate up all the leaves,” Cacal said.

Fortunately, Bayer claims, the company’s Dekalb hybrids can effectively resist the pest. Branded as VT Double PRO, the biotech trait has a dual mode of action for protection against fall armyworm, corn borer, corn earworm and other above-ground pests notorious for wreaking havoc on corn crops leading to huge yield losses.

Some other corn hybrids were also damaged by fall armyworm at 13 to 17 percent. But Dekalb hybrids planted at the same time had less than 3 percent damage, according to Rolex Martinez, a farmer in Brgy Swan, Pudtol, Apayao. He planted 7 hectares to Dekalb during the previous season.

Farmer looking at his corn plants damaged by fall armyworm.
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