HEY, LISTEN! Raising Gilts For Breeding? Too Fat, No Gooood!

If the sow is too fat, it will produce less milk, and it will consume more feed, hence more expense.

So you are taking care of gilts intended for breeding. Right? Right! Then make sure you don’t make them too fat. (Gilts are female pigs that would be ready to be bred when they are 8 months old.)

What do we mean by a gilt that’s too fat? Well it should weigh about 130 kilos when it would be ready for insemination. If more than 130 kilos, the would-be breeder will be too fat and it will produce less milk for its litter. Besides, a fat sow will eat more feed during lactation so it means more expenses.

On the other hand, if the gilt is too thin, weighing below 130 kilos, it will not have enough body reserves come farrowing time. It is possible some of its litter will not be born alive. After farrowing, the thin sow could be culled earlier than usual.

You can of course prevent the pig from becoming too thin by giving more feed– up to 8 kilos per day. By doing this, the sow will be strong after giving birth and will be ready for the next insemination. (These are tips from the experts of Red Dragon Piggery in Pampanga.)

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