HEY, LOOK! Wood Vinegar Can Decompose Farm Wastes In Just 15 Days!

Jeff Laruan is shown with his wife turning over composting materials that were previously sprayed with the wood vinegar and water mixture. In 15 days from wetting, the materials would become compost, an organic fertilizer.
Some of the materials that were chopped into pieces for composting.

Wood vinegar is not the vinegar that you and I use in cooking adobo. Popularized by the Japanese which is also called Mokusako, wood vinegar is the liquid that is collected from the condensation that takes place in a chimney-like attachment to a fire chamber where wood and other combustible materials are burned.

Wood vinegar has several uses in agriculture, but in this post, we will just confine to its use as a compost activator. One fellow who uses wood vinegar as compost activator is Jeff Laruan, an organic farmer in La Trinidad, Benguet. Wood vinegar can turn materials being composted into organic fertilizer in just 15 days compared to several months without activator.

Hereโ€™s how Jeff does it.He sprays wood vinegar to the materials for composting. He mixes four liters of wood vinegar with water to fill a drum that contains 200 liters. This is enough to wet 3,000 kilos of composting materials. The mixture is applied only once to wet the materials for composting. Thatโ€™s it!

Jeff Laruan uses his compost for growing organic lettuce and other vegetables.
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4 thoughts on “HEY, LOOK! Wood Vinegar Can Decompose Farm Wastes In Just 15 Days!

    1. Where are you from? Are you from the province? If so, you should ask your provincial or municipal agriculturist. Better still, ask them to conduct a training on how to make wood vinegar. It is quite simple.

  1. saan po nakakabili ng wood vinegar dito sa Bicol? Bibili kasi ako po eh. Thanks a lot. Happy New Year.

    1. Maybe you should ask your provincial or municipal agricuturist. Maybe you can ask them for a training on how to produce wood vinegar. It is quite simple.

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