HIS MISTAKE: All his retirement invested in quail raising!

Quail raising can be risky too, especially if you don’t have experience in running a farm project.

WE WOULD like to caution retirees that farming is a risky business and that they should be more prudent in investing their money in a farm project. Like what happened to a retired teacher in Bulacan.

TRAUMATIZED – While interviewing a small scale quail raiser, the farmer cautioned me not to interview his neighbor because he could end up crying if we talked about quail raising.

INVESTED ALL HIS RETIREMENT PAY – Some years back, the teacher invested all his P300,000 retirement pay in a quail project. It happened that many of his townmates were making money from some little quail-raising ventures in their backyards. Thinking that he was much better educated than his neighbors, he decided to put up a bigger quail project. He should have the biggest quail production in the neighborhood even if he had actually no experience in raising the small bird.

OKAY AT THE START – For the first several months, the teacherโ€™s quail project was making very good. He was able to sell all his eggs to a trader that supplied the requirements of the US Air Force at Clark Field.

MARKET GONE WITH PINATUBO โ€“ Then Mt. Pinatubo erupted and the Americans abandoned the place. All of a sudden, our retired teacherโ€™s lucrative market was gone. The price of quail eggs went down to a level below production cost. He was forced to shut down and lost practically every centavo of his retirement pay.

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