Honeybees In Mario Rabang’s Farm

Flor Labon, the bee expert with veil, showing
to the visitors the frame being filled with
 honey by the bees. The bees don’t only 
produce honey, they also pollinate the 
mangoes. Second from right is Mario Rabang.
That’s me, Zac B. Sarian,showing a
frame filled with honey. Flor Labon
later demonstrated how to extract
the honey with an extractor.
The filled frames are being readied for extraction.
At left is Mario Rabang while at right is Tony Rola.

Mario Rabang, a Manila businessman and his better half, Dr. Perla Rabang, have included bee culture in their farm in the rolling hills of Abucay, Bataan.

The farm which covers more than 30 hectares is in the process of development although there are already mango trees of fruiting age, guyabano, papayas, cacao, pummelo and many other crops. Mushroom culture is also being included as a special project of Dr. Rabang, a practicing dentist in Manila.

The farm was the venue of the monthly meeting last December 2 of the members of the Aani Mango Industry Network (AMIN) Foundation headed by Tony S. Rola. Aside from the talk on mango technologies, a honeybee expert from Baguio, Florida Labon, was invited to demonstrate how to take care of the bees as well as how to extract the honey from the honeycomb. 

Pol Rubia, on the other hand, conducted a demonstration on mushroom culture.

The Rabangs prepared an overflow of food that included two native lechon, seafoods like crabs, shrimps, seabass, tilapia and other goodies.

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2 thoughts on “Honeybees In Mario Rabang’s Farm

  1. Hello
    me is Peter Polnau
    I stay in Olongapo and be just of serch for Honeybees !
    I like to beginn with Two beehives own size 39,7 X 39,7 cm
    by 10 honeycomb. Begin by 1 for feed , 1 for brood +1Middle wall honeycomb ! And two peces from to start this !
    You can sale me this

    thank you

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