HORTIKULTURA EXTRAVAGANZA: January 23 to February 3, 2015

HORTIKULTURA EXTRAVAGANZA: January 23 to February 3, 2015
King Louis Flowers and Plants will have a float at the Hortikultura Extravaganza which will go around Quezon Memorial Circle on January 25, 2015. Photo above shows its float at the Panegbenga Festival in Baguio.

A BIG HORTICULTURAL EVENT will be held from January 23 to February 3, 2015 at the Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City. This is the Hortikultura Extravaganza 2015 which is jointly undertaken by the Philippine Horticultural Society Inc. headed by Dorie S. Bernabe and the Quezon City government. It is one of the highlights of the 75th founding anniversary of the city.

HORTIKULTURA EXTRAVAGANZA: January 23 to February 3, 2015

HORTIKULTURA EXTRAVAGANZA: January 23 to February 3, 2015
DORIE S. BERNABE, president of PHSI and Dr. Romeo Gutierrez, president emeritus.

The horticultural extravaganza is different in several ways from the traditional garden shows of various garden groups in Metro Manila and elsewhere. Here are the features.

NATIONAL HORTI CONGRESS – A major highlight of the garden extravaganza is the holding of a National Horticultural Congress that will bring together the stakeholders to prepare a road map for the development of the industry. The object is to develop the horticulture business as an honest-to-goodness source of livelihood for big and small garden operators. It can be a viable source of income, and it could even be developed as an export industry.

The fact is that the PHSI has already come up with its program to help garden people to cluster together and produce exportable plants. The first target is to multiply in big numbers the hibiscus hybrids produced by Neil Ganigan and Dr. Jay Silvestre. A number of importers abroad are interested to buy big volumes, according to Neil Ganigan. The PHSI has also put up its laboratory at the Quezon Memorial Circle for the production of tissue-cultured plants and for training of interested propagators.

INTERNATIONAL TRADE SHOW – Corporate suppliers of inputs in the horticulture industry will be displaying their products and services at the international trade show being coordinated by Neil Ganigan. Suppliers from the Philippines and from other countries like Thailand and Korea are participating.

LANDSCAPING AND PLANT COMPETITION – Participants in the show will compete in landscaping with their ideas that could mitigate the ill-effects of climate change. There will also be a plant competition whereby rare varieties and beautifully cultured plants will compete for honors. The winning landscaper will certainly become sought-after fellow to implement different landscaping projects. On the other hand, the prize-winning plants could become bestsellers in the market. Propagations could command a high price.  

DAILY SEMINARS – Attendees can take advantage of the daily seminars on timely topics that could include how to get started in the plant business, orchid culture, landscaping, pest and disease control in ornamental plants, proper irrigation, fertilization and such other topics.

PARADE OF FLOATS – Another highlight of the garden extravaganza is a parade of floats bedecked with ornamental plants and flowers. There will also be street dancing around the Circle from 7 to 11 a.m. on January 25, a Sunday. About 10 companies have confirmed their participation in the parade of floats.

FARM AND GARDEN TOURS – Horticultural tours will be conducted on January 24. The participants will visit farms and gardens in Laguna, Cavite, Batangas, Quezon, Rizal and Bulacan.  

DOG AND ANIMAL SHOW – As part of the horticultural extravaganza, a Dog and Animal Show will be held for an interactive play with children and adults alike. This is being coordinated by Edward and Tiffany Cham who are well known animal lovers. There you are. Don’t miss this garden extravaganza at the Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City. The date for the horticultural congress is January 21-22 while the main exhibits and seminars are from January 23 to February 3.

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