HOT HOT CHILLI: Very Expensive Now

If you have a good crop of hot chilli these days (December 2016) you would be hitting the jackpot. We got word that one kilo is selling at P800. Someone even told us that vendors in the market are selling one piece at P5! Then we remembered we made a count how many fruits of Red Hot pepper make a kilo, and we counted a little over 600 pieces. If that 600 pieces were retailed at P5 each, how much would that be? Our calculator says it’s P3000!

HOT HOT CHILLI: Very Expensive Now

That is the reason why our colleague, Richel Dorotan of Bisaya Magazine, is complaining. They would not give him hot pepper in a restaurant where he dined recently.

There’s really a shortage because of different reasons. It could be too much rain, typhoon or maybe nutritional deficiency. We once visited a garden where the immature fruits of hot pepper were rotting. Which could be due to lack of calcium. Calcium, experts tell us, makes the plants more sturdy and the fruits less prone to rotting. Calcium nitrate is the chemical that could provide calcium to the plants.

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8 thoughts on “HOT HOT CHILLI: Very Expensive Now

  1. How can we market our hot chili. My brother’s hot chili is sold at low cost. He said he’d rather let it rot already than sell again . maybe because he felt it is a waste of time and effort selling it at low cost .

    1. Someone just told me a while ago that the price has gone up to P1,200 per kilo. Those cooking Bicol express are having a hard time looking for supply. Maybe your brother does not have the initiative to let possible buyers know about his crop. Where is yhour brother located?

  2. wow! this is the reason why the philippine market is going nuts. Where is your data that the proce really goes up? nanghhype ka e.

  3. Sir good morning.. I have 7,000 bushes of chilli planted here in Nueva Ecija, but unfortunately every single fruit is rotting because of Anthracnose.. Your help will very much be appreciated.. Big Thanks!

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