Hotline For Free Advice To Hog Raisers

At right is Dr. Allan Salazar, veterinarian of UNO Feeds, who helps
hog raisers like Virginia Mercado of Lopez, Quezon (left) for free.

Hog raisers can now get free advice on the care and management of their pig business, thanks to Robina Agri Partners, the supplier of Uno Feeds and other products for livestock. The company recently launched a hotline which hog raisers can use to seek free over-the-phone assistance in raising their pigs.

The company’s veterinarians and agents are on standby to accommodate callers who may be asking about the many products of the company. Advice could also be provided on the frequency and dosage of medication to be given to the animals.

It used to be that they were just limited to giving free consultations. Today, according to Jonathan Dino, marketing director of URC Agro-Industrial Group, if the hog raiser needs help, the company can send somebody to the raiser’s doorstep within 24 hours. Apart from consultation on animal care and treatment, technical services are also given for free even if the pig raiser is not a buyer of Uno Feeds. These include pig tusk removal, tail docking, castration and administration or injection of medicines.

The hotline is also available for breeder referrals for those looking for gilts or boars, piglet referrals for those looking for piglets to breed or raise for fattening and viajero referrals for those selling their pigs.This free service is only available in the Luzon area.

The 24/7 hotline is located at the GBF Technical Training Center, Amang Rodriguez Avenue, Rosario, Pasig City. Farmers can call the toll-free hotline at 1-800-38-762462, dial +632-395-1170 for landline calls or +63922-8762462 for mobile calls. Send a fax to +632-3951169 or email

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