How The Sweet Sorghum Sugar Powder Was Conceived

Soon after we posted What’s New In Sweet Sorghum in this blog and also published it in our column in the Manila Bulletin (March 16, 2012), so many congratulatory messages were received ty Tony Arcangel. He was after all the first fellow to conceive how dry sugar could be produced from sweet sorghum juice. 
Tony is an engineer who stayed in Canada for 20 years. A few years back he came back to the Philippines and decided to specialize in commercializing sweet sorghum products. He is now producing commercially sweet sorghum vinegar through natural fermentation and sweet syrup. Now, his sweet sorghum sugar powder has a big potential commercially because the product is claimed to have a low glycemic index (GI) which means that it is superior to the sugarcane sugar. It could be used by diabetics and nondiabetics for sweetening their coffee and other food products that need sugar. At present coconut sap sugar (simply called Coco Sugar in the market) is a hot item globally because of its low GI. 
The sweet sorghum sugar powder offers advantages over Coco Sugar in terms of the production of the raw materials. Sorghum can be produced very fast by even the ordinary farmer. It can be grown in many parts of the country.

The sweet sorghum sugar powder is produced by spray-drying the syrup. The juice is first turned into syrup and then it is spray-dried with the use of a spray-drying machine.

HOW THE IDEA CAME ABOUT – What gave him the idea to try producing sweet sorghum sugar powder was his observation in Canada. He said, in Canada they are making powder out of animal blood. Maybe, the technique can also work on sweet sorghum juice.

Fortunately, he went to the Department of Science and Technology to see if his idea is feasible. Fortunately the DOST has a spray-drying machine. That’s it! They were successful in producing the sweet sorghum sugar powder.

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