How To Produce Bigger, Sweeter Fruits

How To Produce Bigger, Sweeter Fruits
The moisture in the soil should be maintained so that the flowers will develop into fruits properly.

If your fruit trees are flowering or are in fruit, here are some important pointers that you should keep in mind.

We have often heard this complaint. “In the beginning our Bangkok santol used to give us really big fruits that were juicy and sweet. Why is it that after so many years the fruits have become very small and no longer as juicy?”
There are at least a couple of reasons why. One is that most likely you have not been fertilizing your santol tree. You should remember that fruiting trees take up a lot of nutrients from the soil when they bear fruit. So you should replenish the soil nutrients to maintain the usually big and delicious fruits. If the trees cannot take up enough nutrients to replace what they have used up in previous fruiting, the fruits will really become smaller.
That’s not only true in Bangkok santol. The same could happen in your mango trees. The tree might have been bearing big fruits in the past seasons but in the last fruiting, the fruits had become much smaller. Besides the trees not being fertilized, one other thing could have happened. Maybe, you say that you have applied enough organic and chemical fertilizer to your trees. But then if you did not water or irrigate the trees, they could not have taken up enough plant food to sustain their fruiting because the soil was too dry. Without enough moisture in the soil, the roots will not be able to absorb the nutrients in the ground for the plants’ good health.
There are other things you should keep in mind when your fruit trees are flowering or bearing fruit. If you are growing pummelo and other citrus trees, for instance, don’t apply too much nitrogen like urea in the soil. It could be disastrous. Why? The fruits will develop thick rind and will not be sweet. To make the fruits sweet and juicy, more potassium and trace elements should be applied, especially when the fruits are about one month before harvest.
While the fruits are developing, a uniform amount of moisture should be maintained in the soil. There should not be drastic fluctuations in the soil moisture to avoid fruit cracking. For instance, in the case of Longkong lanzones, the maturing fruits could crack if all of a sudden the supply of moisture in the soil had become excessive. The fruits will crack because there would be a sudden expansion of the flesh of the fruit which results in cracking of the skin. This will render your Longkong fruits unmarketable.
One way of improving the fruitfulness of your fruit trees and at the same time producing high quality fruits is to apply the two fertilizer formulations of Alfonso G. Puyat, namely the Power Grower Combo and the Heavy Weight Tandem.
The Power Grower Combo is a growth accelerator and when it is sprayed on the trees of fruiting age, it will make them absorb more plant food from the soil, hence they become stronger and ready for heavier fruiting. Then the Heavy Weight Tandem is subsequently sprayed on the leaves 10 to 15 days after spraying the Power Grower Combo. In both instances, the soil should be fertilized adequately with either organic or chemical fertilizers, or both. And the soil should have enough moisture so the trees can take up the nutrients from the soil.

As explained by Mr. Puyat, by spraying with Heavy Weight Tandem, the high potassium content of the formulation facilitates the transfer of the synthesized or digested nutrients in the leaves to the flowers and fruits. As a result, there will be good fruit set and the fruits will be bigger, juicier, more uniform and sweeter in the case of fruits that are subacid or somewhat sour like citrus.
There you are, these are just a few doable tips that can help you produce better quality fruits.
NOTE: Text your name and address to 0917-841-5477 if you want to know how to buy Power Grower Combo and Heavy Weight Tandem. The textback will tell you how.
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