How To Produce Crisp Sugar-Coated Fried Camote

How To Produce Crisp Sugar-Coated Fried Camote

zacsarian.comHow would you like to make crisp sugar-coated fried camote slices? Very simple, my dear Watson. Jaden Tan, the Taiwanese leisure farm owner who visited the Costales Nature Farms, demonstrated the technique while we were having merienda.

The sugar coating becomes very crunchy or crisp which makes eating very enjoyable. And the sugar-coated slices don’t stick together.

The technique is simple enough. After taking out the cooked slices from the frying pan, immediately immerse them for a few seconds in ice cold water. It could be a basin with cracked ice and water. Try it, you will be surprised how the sugar coating becomes very crisp. You can use brown sugar, muscovado sugar or coco sugar.

It is best to slice the camote thinly, say one-fifth of an inch thick.

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