How to Save a Big Amount (Farming Tip No. 14)

(Here is one more farming tip that you might want to try. We will continue posting practical tips in this web site so keep visiting.)

He Focused on Saving a Big Amount

IN early 1990s I met a fellow from Bulacan who was constructing his dream house worth P4 million. That was a big amount then. It could easily be the equivalent of P15 million today. What impressed me most was that he did not borrow any money from the bank or from someone else to build his dream house. He saved the big amount from farming in a clever but doable manner. How did he do it?

Well, Cornelio (his real first name) saved the big amount in a period of 8 years. He had a big rice mill and he got a lot of rice bran. Because he knew that rice bran is a good feed for cattle,  he decided to raise cattle with the aim in mind of eventually using his income from cattle to build his dream home on a 4,000-sqm lot.

For a start, he bought 18 top quality females for breeding, including purebred Brahmans. He multiplied his cattle as fast as possible.  Whenever a female cow gave birth, he retained the female for breeding and sold only the male as breeder or as fattener. He used the proceeds from his sales to buy pregnant cows. Not a single peso would be spent on anything else. He was that disciplined.

Eight years later in 1992, he already had 250 animals. He sold 150 of the mature ones for four million pesos and that was what he used to build his dream house. He did not have to borrow money from anybody.

A very clever and systematic way to accumulate a big amount, if you ask us.  Why not give the idea a try? You can produce something else for that big amount. Not necessarily for a house. It could be for a new car. Or a more modest amount for a new TV set. 

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