How To Sell A Lot Of Plants In A Garden Show

Garden shows are where propagators can sell a lot of their plants. Just like the Hortikultura Extravaganza that will be held at the Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City starting January 23, 2015. But what do you do so you can sell a lot of plants in the garden show?

One strategy is to culture a big and beautiful specimen plant way ahead of time. You may produce not only one but at least a few such plants. You can enter one plant in the plant competitions. Then use another as sample plant in your commercial booth. Put a very high price tag on your sample plant in your stall to discourage people from buying it. But the high price will indicate that it is something special that every plant lover should have in his or her collection.

Ahead of time, you should produce a lot of smaller propagations for sale in your commercial stall during the garden show. That’s because those who will see your high-priced sample plant will most likely want to buy the smaller plants at a price they can afford. You can also produce bigger plants which you can offer at proportionately higher prices.

If the plant in the exhibits will win a major prize, expect your propagations to be bestsellers. And you can name your price.

Possible buyers who will not mind paying a high price are fellow nursery people from other places, or even from Metro Manila. A smart nurseryman will not mind paying a high price for a variety that he knows will sell at a high price before it becomes too common. He will propagate such special plant as fast as he can so he can recover his investment within a short time.

There you are. Of course, that’s just one strategy. There are many more.

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