Hybrid Corn In Sloping Fields

Felicisimo Inocando (left) and Zac B. Sarian in front
of ย Bioseed Healer 101 corn planted on sloping field
in Brgy. Miglamin, Malaybalay, Bukidnon.

In Mindanao, particularly in Bukidnon and other areas in in the North, even the steep hillsides are planted to hybrid corn. No plowing of the soil is usually practiced.

The farmers practice what they call zero-tillage whereby they spray herbicide to kill the grasses. A week after the grasses have been sprayed, they dibble their seeds in the cleared ground, one or two seeds per hole.

Photo shows Felicisimo Inocando (left) with Zac B. Sarian before a sloping field in Brgy. Miglamin, Malaybalay, Bukidnon, planted to Bioseed Healer 101, a high-yielding genetically engineered variety. The farmers usually harvest at least 6 tons of dried grains per hectare which are sold currently at P12.30 per kilo. Inocando is a pioneer hybrid corn planter in Malaybalay.

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