I DIDN’T KNOW: We have persimmon grown in the Philippines!

The fruits of the persimmon grown in Sagada in the Cordillera. Very delectable fruit.

TODAY, Sept. 27, 2020, a friend sent me persimmon fruits for my birthday. She said it was grown in Sagada in the Cordillera. Wow! I said to myself. This is the first time I have known that we can grow persimmon in the Philippines. I love the delectable taste of this fruit but I have only eaten itย  abroad.

NOT MABOLO – I became curious. I googled persimmon grown in the Philippines. You know what I got? It said the Philippine persimmon is the mabolo! Of course I am very familiar with the mabolo and the Philippine persimmon that I received is definitely not the mabolo.

AM SO EXCITED – I asked my friend to introduce me to the fellow from whom she got the fruits she sent me. She promised to introduce me to him. Wow! I am so excited. Abangan!

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5 thoughts on “I DIDN’T KNOW: We have persimmon grown in the Philippines!

  1. Zac,

    Persimmon trees in Sagada are remnants of very old astringent types brought by Japanese workers who completed the Kennon Road pre WWII. The ‘modern’ non astringent varieties like Fuyu etc unfortunately require a much lower ambient temperature than that prevalent in Sagada. As such, the Sagada persimmon needs to be ripened to near over ripe to lessen the astringency. Happy eating!

    Alex L.

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