I MADE A MISTAKE: I didn’t believe there was seedless avocado!

Close look at the sliced seedless avocado and fruit with warty skin.

While glossing over a chat group in my computer, someone was telling about his newly acquired plant – a grafted seedless avocado seedling. Wow! I exclaimed. Is it really true that there is such a seedless avocado?

SOMEONE GIFTED ME – I felt curious because about 10 years ago or thereabouts, somebody gave me what he said was a grafted seedless avocado seedling. I received it, of course, but I did not pay much attention to it. I thought, how could there be a seedless avocado? When I reached our farm, I turned the seedling over to our lady worker who placed it at the foot of our alokon tree. Then I forgot all about it. It is only now that I recall the incident.

SEARCHED INTERNET – I became curious and searched the Internet for the seedless avocado. What did I discover? Yes! There is a seedless avocado and it is grown in Spain and sold to Paris. This is the short text I got from the Internet:

“The seedless avocados are the result of an unpollinated avocado blossom that develops without a seed. The fruit is grown in Spain and available only during December, when they are usually sent to food markets in Paris — but M&S was able to obtain a limited supply this year for select stores.Dec 8, 2017.”

MY MISTAKE – Oh my God! I told myself. Had I paid attention to the gift of seedless avocado, the tree would be fruiting by now. Anyway, that was a big mistake I committed. I am just consoling myself that, well, to commit a mistake is only human.

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2 thoughts on “I MADE A MISTAKE: I didn’t believe there was seedless avocado!

  1. I have an avocado tree with delicious fruits (one of my four selections for excellent avocado). Like you, believing that they are useless, I ignored the small avocado fruits which fell on the ground and harvested only the normal big ones. In other words, the tree has been bearing both seedless and normal fruits year after year.

    One day this 2020 avocado season, I got curious about what I thought were malformed miniature avocado fruits or mutants and let some of them proceed with their normal ripening process. When I opened one fruit, it was full of flesh and seedless. More surprisingly, it was tastier than the already tasty normal fruits.

    I used the mini and seedless avocado fruits as smoothies for my home-made cream yogurt from carabao’s (water buffalo’s) milk. Perfect and what a heavenly experience!. Now that I know that it is a rarity, I will produce grafted seedlings. .

    1. Rey, good evening. Is it possible to buy from you scions of your avocado collection? Do they have names? If you would be willing, we will contqct you when our seedlings are redy for grafting. Sayang, we should multiply and disseminate the good varieties. People are now aware of the advantqge of plannting the really good varieties.

      Thank you and God Bless you REy.

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