If You Are Farming For Money (Agri Tip No. 9)

(Here is one more small piece of advice for those who are new in farming, and even for those who are already in the business.)

If Farming For Money, Consider The Marketย 

You should consider the market for your produce if you are farming for money. Of what use is producing something that nobody would like to buy? Or something tht would sell for less than the cost of production?

Before starting a farm project, you should have a clear idea of your target market. Is it an affluent segment of society that will not mind paying a high price for your produce? How big is the market.

Who are your competitors? Do you have an advantage over them? Can you produce a better crop at a lower price? Are you nearer the market? That will give you an advantage in transporting your harvest, Your product will be fresher when they reach the market. List down your advantages over your competitors.

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