The Ilocos Jumbo Lime has rough skin, not so attractive but then it packs a terrific juice.

An old citrus that people now call Ilocos Jumbo Lime is something we had always wanted to multiply. We remember the very refreshing lemonade our mother used to prepare for us when were growing up. The juice is pleasantly sour and makes a very nice drink. The fruits with rough skin weigh about 150 grams each. Not a very attractive fruit but then its juice is something special.


We also remember the juice being squeezed in the native “gugo” shampo which smelled very soothing. The juice is also squeezed over ‘bagoong’ or fish paste used for dipping broiled fish or meat. The local name is “Lucban” but this means another citrus fruit in other places in the country, In many places in the Philippines “Lucban” is the local name for pummelo. To avoid confusion, we are just calling it Ilocos Jumbo Lime.

This jumbo lime is very prolific even without fertilizing or spraying with chemicals. The old tree in our native place has been continuously fruitingย without any special care. Grafted Jumbo Lime is now available at SARIAN FARM.

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  1. We call that fruit here in bicol “RANSAS”. we collect the seeds as rootstock for calamamsi and other citrus trees.

    1. I am not really sure but the “Ransas” you mentioned might be the “Calamandarin” that plant propagators are using as rootstock for grafting pummelo, calamansi and other citrus. The Jumbo Lime is very different from Calamandarin. Anyway, we will check that up with other sources in Bicol. Thanks for the information and for reading our blog.

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