Ilocos Norte Group Visits Sarian Farm In Teresa, Rizal

Engr. Vincent Rico (right) is seen with the group from Paoay and Batac City in Ilocos Norte that visited the Sarian Farm. At extreme left is his wife Edna Luz. They are showing the fruits of R-5 rambutan that they themselves harvested.

They enjoyed harvesting rambutan as well as in eating them.

Engr. Vincent Rico led a group of exotic fruit enthusiasts from Paoay and Batac City in Ilocos Norte to observe the varieties at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal on September 15, 2019.ย 

Their visit was very timely because the rambutan trees were heavily laden with ripe fruits, particularly R-5, a prize-winning variety with bright red fruits and white aril that separates readily from the skin. Naturally, the visitors enjoyed picking and eating the juicy sweet fruits.

Among the group were Ricoโ€™s relatives that included Vicky Ragual Rico Tanagon, Evelyn T. Corpuz, Hermes Saclayan Tabios, Edna Luz T. Rico and Veronica Joyce Rico. The group was also able to observe the ripening longkong lanzones fruits from Thailand. Unfortunately, the longkong fruits were not yet fully ripe for eating. Anyway, one of them said she was really glad to see a lanzones tree for the first time. They also observed the many other varieties being propagated at the Sarian Farm. They had to fill up their van with planting materials they will plant in their own farms in Ilocos Norte.

Edna Luz, Vincent and daughter Veronica Joyce posing with Longkong lanzones.
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