TO HOG RAISERS: Prevent Disease Outbreaks

IN LIVESTOCK FARMS: Prevent Disease Outbreaks

IN LIVESTOCK FARMS: Prevent Disease Outbreaks

A livestock extension specialist urges hog raisers  to undertake measures to prevent possible disease outbreaks that can undermine their farm’s production and profitability.

The expert is Dr. Allen Valdeavilla, an extension veterinarian of Univet Nutrition and Animal Healthcare Company (Unahco). He pointed out that the abrupt changes in ambient temperature being experienced today highlights the need to adopt biosecurity measures like disinfection and vaccination of the animals to prevent the entry of disease-causing microorganisms in a farm.

Dr. Valdeavilla also stressed the need to further educate animal raisers, especially backyard swine raisers, about proper biosecurity measures. Humans and other animals are usually the ones that carry the harmful germs, so there must be serious efforts to limit the exposure of farm animals to potential carriers of disease organisms, he said.

Dr. Valdeavilla recommends the use of Univet’s Major D, a three-in-one disinfectant that also acts as a detergent and degreaser which is safe to use even in the presence of animals. This makes routine disinfection easier because there is no need to remove the farm animals from their pens.

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