In Love With Golden Queen Mango

In Love With Golden Queen Mango

In Love With Golden Queen Mango

BONG FERRERAS of Majayjay, Laguna, is in love with the big-fruited Golden Queen mango growing in a rubberized container at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal.

The Golden Queen bears fruits that weigh up to 1.5 kilos each although when fruits are many, they may average about 800 grams to one kilo each. This exotic fruit tree was brought to the Philippines from Taiwan in 1996. Since then, a lot of planting materials have been produced and the variety is now grown in many places in the Philippines.

The fruit is nice to eat as green mango as it is not sour. The ripe fruit is also sweet and juicy. It is very fleshy because the seed is very thin. Grafted planting materials are available at the Sarian Farm.

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  1. A pleasant day!

    We currently own around 250 has of agricultural land in Bulac, Sta. Maria, Bulacan which are dotted by roughly 220 – 250 matured and bearing mango trees of the kalabaw, piko and Indian variety. No one is taking care of these mango trees and just left to survive by itself.

    The President of the Company recently showed interest on these trees and would want to rehabilitate each trees with the purpose of producing a bountiful harvest of sweet and big mango fruits.

    We will appreciate if you can recommend us a consultant or a mango doctor who can teach our personnel on what to do to obtain the desired result. We are willing to sit down with him to discuss about his fees.

    Thank you.

    Property Manager
    Agus Development Corporation
    Landline No. : +632 3731000 Ext 1054; +632 3732321
    Mobile No.: +917 8560047
    Email Address:
    Website: www.

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